yogi, photographer,

creative director, manager

If we only get one shot, let's make sure it's fcking fun.

I always find these pages difficult to write as they send me down deep paths of reflection. An empty page to share my story with the world. I created this website to be open and real and to encourage myself to explore greater depths of creativity and transparency. There are pieces of my life I am excited to share and there are lessons that will undoubtably be more challenging. But I have found that looking at them both with love and compassion make for a much better time in this world than assigning too much meaning or power. 

Cheers to us growing, learning, failing, cooking, photographing, sipping cocktails and BREATHING together in an open space of love, art and creativity. I hope to someday meet you all at a groovy yoga festival as we lean into transformation and growth. 

Stay wild!

  xx -