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21 tasks for achieving wealth and success

Entrepreneur Magazine put out their 21 tasks for achieving wealth and success and call me crazy but doesn't this look pretty much like our daily to-do list as coaches? :) Are you doing all 21?

I usually don't pay attention to things like these but for some reason I actually read this one all the way through! It made me realize how many qualities people have that they don't realize are attributed with being an entrepreneur.

The word 'entrepreneur' itself is pretty loaded. Let's be honest. It's intimidating! Or so we're led to believe.........

In college I dated a guy who was in entrepreneur program at OU's business school. So whenever I heard about it - it honestly just sounded so stressful! And like it was such a freaking risk! Like you had to wager all your finances, get a second mortgage on your house, ask friends for money, etc.

Now, I'm not saying that I have everything figured out as a young entrepreneur (can you tell I like using the word?), but once I wrapped my head around the idea that I could develop all the skills on that list it became a lot less intimidating! I realized that I already HAD a lot of the qualities that I needed to start my own business and that it I was willing to work my butt off, I could achieve this goal.

I'm still less than 1 year I'm not going to go throwing around too much advice. But hear this - if you have ANY desire to be your own boss, create a company or pursue a lifestyle - then GO FOR IT!!! Be smart about this, obviously, but the Internet provides us SO many tools, trainings and resources!

If you're curious about how I got my start and where I'm going - leave a comment or shoot me a message!



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