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Scuba - Florida Keys

While going to school at the University of Oklahoma my dad made me get scuba certified. Lot's of glorious pool dives.

I actually loved all of it. The gear, the technical set up, the body awareness, the physical tests. In the calmest of places (scuba) I always get the biggest adrenaline rushes. Summer of 2015 we packed our gear and went to the Florida Keys. This was my first time to the tropical paradise and I still think about it often. The first dive was pretty rough. The waters were chopping and tossed us around like little dolls. That was the first time I've experienced sea sickness. It's. nauseating feeling unlike anything else.  It's terrible. Never f*ck around with it. Get dramamine. Trust me. I saw my first shark on this trip, my first manta ray and the my first fire coral. I ended up getting "burned" and still have a tiny scar from it. Scuba is wild. It's a whole new world of deep quiet where you have to totally rely on your senses. If you're looking for a stimulating and challenging (both mentally and physically), I highly recommend looking up your local dive shop and going for it! There's nothing like your first time breathing underwater. Be safe and be brave!

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