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A Curious Beginner's Take On Keto

I had SO many awesome questions and comments on my post from about transitioning to a HFLC [high fat low carb] diet so I decided to go live on my Facebook page and talk you all through what I'm doing.

Low carb does not me no carb - I am still eating carbs everyday but they are not my main source of energy anymore. *This is just an experiment in a quest to understand my body more.* I am not an expert, I did not go to school for this but I know what feels good in MY body so I'm going to keep exploring it.

Here's what I know: I'm doing double workouts everyday, I sleep great, pop out o bed full of energy every morning at 5am and have FOCUSED energy all day ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I'm only on week 1 so we are still in the trial and error phase but my body is happy so I'm going to keep trying it out! Thanks for all your love and questions! And send me all the recipes I should try - we at A LOT of salmon this week and need to switch things up. 😘

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