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Tips to GLOW this summer!

Summer is all about ME time! Or at least it was while we were still in school and had 3 months off from anything organized. But for most of us we have jobs, we have families and we have responsibilities. We can't all take off and frolic around the countryside in bikinis.

However...we can be pretty damn intentional about making our life and our routine feel like a summer oasis without ever leaving home.

  1. BECOME A MORNING PERSON!! These warm days fly by too fast so make sure you awake, alert and taking advantage of them. TIP: place your phone / alarm far enough away that you have to GET OUT OF BED in the morning to turn it off!

  2. READ A MOTIVATIONAL BOOK!! My favorite read is Your Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. You can find it on Amazon but I recommend listening to the audio book. She is hilarious. Plus this way you can listen to her while you are getting other things done. I hate doing + putting away laundry so I listen to books when I have to do it and it doesn't seem that bad. Book is linked in button below.

  3. GET OUTSIDE!!! We need fresh air. Set an intention to get outside every. damn. day. Even if it's gloomy out or you're a little groggy from last nights shenanigans.

  1. OPEN YOUR WINDOWS!! Bring fresh air into your home. AC is amazeballs. We all know that. But bringing in a fresh breeze wakes us up!! If this isn't an option - go grab an earthy candle and light that baby up!

  2. BUY NEW BEDDING!! New sheets will make you sleep better. They just feel amazing. I recommend getting white sheets. The clean slate is very soothing and will help you wake up in the morning. You can grab an inexpensive set pretty much anywhere :)

  3. BRING NATURE INSIDE!! Plants are EVERYTHING!! And everyone loves tiny succulents. Go out and find or make a cute planter box and slide some tiny plants in there! I'm all about green leafs (this is actually what I used for my wedding flowers!). If you are in the Iowa City area, go into Moss and they will help you :) Try to find different textures - choose different plants, different heights and different shades of green!

  1. DRINK 100 OZ OF WATER EVERY DAMN DAY!! This is a non negotiable friends. It's not always fun, it doesn't taste great and you will have to take WAY more trips to the bathroom. But the hydration is key to keeping our skin beautiful, our sleep sound, our digestion on track and our energy up. Try to drink 30oz FIRST thing in the morning. I always add 1/2 a lemon to my 30oz cups.

  2. BLOCK EATING!! Some call it intermittent fasting. Don't let the word fasting scare you. We actually already do a little fasting - it's called sleeping :) Try to choose a window where you fast and where you feast. 8am to 8pm is a 12 hour block. I recommend trying to be done eating by 7 or 8pm at the latest! I know this is hard during summer but your body will thank you! Send me an email for more info and I'll help you set up your blocks!

  3. MAKE RAW CHOICES!! Eat yo raw veggies everyday. This can be your greens (lettuce / arugula / romaine / spinach - kale isn't my favorite raw), sliced bell peppers with hummus, diced cucumber, sprouts, etc.

  1. SET A GOAL!! Take a 30 min walk everyday, do 10 pushups, go to yoga 3 times per week - whatever it is, set a goal and work for it! If we don't have something to work for we tend to wander. It doesn't matter if you're not at your "goal body" because this is a process! Our goal is to learn what our body needs and then to just keep showing up :) give yourself some grace but hold yourself accountable. Progress = happiness - but you have to know what you are working for!

  2. 30 MINUTES A DAY!! Get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes per day! Your body will produce dopamine (the happy hormone) and you will be able to easily move from task to task.

  3. ACCOUNTABILITY!! I don't care how much of a lone wolf you are (I'm a totally introvert and never ask for help or to join something0, we need some accountability. Plus this makes it more fun! Join a team, get a coach and then get some skin in the game. Set a bet with your partner, tell them that if you don't do ___X___ or make it to ___Y___ 5 times per week then you're buying lunch! Or you're doing something you don't like doing (laundry is always mine).

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